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Dungeons & Dragons Event

Join us for a Dungeons & Dragons event on Saturday 20th January 2024! Our Game Master, fondue, will be running a thrilling oneshot of DnD which has our 4 players taking part in the social event of the season! The party has been invited to the palatial mountain home of a reclusive millionaire, and they may even be chosen to inherit the host’s huge fortune. All they have to do is stay out of trouble for one night...

If you've ever wanted to watch DnD played live, or you just want to see what Dungeons & Dragons is all about, then this is the perfect opportunity for you! Join us fun evening with snacks and likeminded people :) No prior knowledge of DnD is needed.

Note: Doors open at 3:30PM and the DnD game starts at 4:00PM. The event is fully in English.


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