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Once you’ve had a tattoo from us, we'll give you some written instructions and also explain how to care for your new ink to get the best results when it's healed. It can be a lot of information to remember, so let's go through the basics here...

Second Skin

Once your tattoo is finished, we'll clean it and apply some 'second skin'. It’s a waterproof bandage which 

acts as another layer of skin to protect the wound that’s underneath it. It's so much better than normal plastic

wrap because it protects tattoos from germs and bacteria, encourages the healing process of the body,

protects new tattoos from clothes and makes tattoo aftercare simple and easy.

It’s totally normal to see some ink or blood under the dressing and this will usually appear within the first

day. You can leave a second skin on for as long as it feels comfortable to you - we advise that you remove it

after three to four days. 

To Remove

  • Test an edge: Pick an edge of the bandage and peel it away. If it’s difficult to remove, try taking a warm
    shower to help reduce the stickiness

  • Remove slowly: Pull the second skin off slowly. It’s very similar to removing a plaster. If you pull too quickly, it could hurt and damage the new layer of skin underneath.

  • Clean: Make sure you wash your tattoo carefully after removing the bandage and apply moisturizer

Aftercare Products 

We sell several different types of aftercare products at the studio, so you can choose what's best for you. We are always here to advise you if you're not sure.


Tattoo Goo Balm

A pocket-sized balm which is rich in vitamins and cocoa butter, provides an occlusive

humectant barrier without blocking pores. Promotes faster healing and enhances colour

of both new and old tattoos.



Potential Problems

If you have any worries or questions at all when your tattoo is healing, please send us a message. Nine times out of ten when people think they have had some kind of allergic reaction or something is infected, it's actually something much less extreme and easily fixed.

"My tattoo has little red bumps/spots on it"

This usually happens if the skin can't breathe properly. Give the tattoo a gentle wash with non-perfumed soap, pat or air dry, then make sure you're applying a very thin layer of aftercare balm. Too much balm/cream can block the pores and stop your skin breathing.

"My skin is flaking off"

This is a totally normal part of the healing process - the dead layers of skin which were damaged in the tattooing process begin to flake off. Do not pull at them, rub them or scratch them off. They will naturally fall off after a few days, revealing the new skin underneath.

"My tattoo has disappeared under the protective film, all the ink has come out!"

Don't panic, the ink you can see under the dressing is just any ink that was left on the top of the skin after tattooing, mixed with a bit or blood and plasma. Your tattoo is still under there and is just fine.

"My tattoo is hot and swollen, I think it's infected"

It's normal for your tattoo to be warm to the touch and swollen when it's fresh. It helps to rest, elevate the area and sometimes an ice pack (wrapped in a towel and only over the dressing!) can help. Anti-inflammatory drugs such as Ibuprofen can also help.

If this doesn't subside after a day or two, starts to become painful or swells more, please contact us and I'll tell you what to do next. If you have these symptoms, begin to feel unwell and cannot contact us, please speak to your doctor. 

"My tattoo is fully healed now but some parts of the ink have disappeared"

Although it's rare, sometimes different factors can affect the healing process and some parts of the ink can fade or disappear completely. Please contact us to arrange a quick touch-up appointment - these are completely free, usually take around one hour and are just a way of making sure your tattoo is absolutely perfect.


  • Try to leave the dressing on for at least 24 hours.

  • Keep it clean. Remember: A tattoo is an open wound and is at risk of infection until it is fully healed. Try to touch it as little as possible and, if you do have to touch it, make sure you always wash your hands first.

  • Wash the tattoo with warm, soapy water 3 - 4 times a day once the dressing is removed and until it’s fully healed.

  • Pat your tattoo dry, never rub it.

  • Use a tattoo aftercare balm/cream a few times a day (including after washing/drying) to stop your new ink from drying out.

  • On the first night, you may want to wrap your tattoo in plastic wrap to prevent sticking to your bedding. 

  • Leave it a few days before vigorous exercise or going to the gym.


  • Don't take baths, saunas, or go swimming. Showers are fine.

  • Don't scratch or pick your new tattoo.

  • Don't apply too much aftercare cream (it can stop the skin from breathing properly).

  • Don't use Bepanthen ointment as it isn’t designed for open wounds. It has been linked to contact dermatitis in people with sensitive skin and because it’s quite thick and goopy you’re more likely to apply it too thick and have issues with healing.

  • Don't use any cloth bandages or pads, as the fibers of this material can adhere to your open tattoo and hinder the healing process.

  • Don't expose your tattoo to the sun for at least 3 weeks, after that, please use sunblock. Sun will make the colours fade and your tattoo won't look good for long.


Tattoo Defender After Ink

A soothing cream for freshly tattooed skin which reduces healing time. Renewed formula, designed to be more natural and eco-friendly.


Tattoo Defender Sunny Side
A creamy emulsion specifically designed to protect tattooed skin from sunlight. Suitable for all skin types (including delicate and sensitive skin), it has a protective, emollient and moisturising action.


Tattoo Defender Soothe and Cleanse
A soothing aftercare cleanser to clean your tattoo and reduce healing time.


Tattoo Defender Sunny Side Stick
A handy sized SPF 50 sunscreen stick, protects both new and old tattoos from harmful UV rays.

Dermalize Pro Pack
Five pieces of self-adhesive film which protect your new tattoo from friction and provide a waterproof, breathable, anti-bacterial barrier. Reduced scabbing, reduced risk of infection, no rubbing clothes or other external factors that will damage the tattoo. Great for protecting your tattoo at work!

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