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Scarlet watercolour tattoos
Scarlet tattoo artist helsinki tattooer

Scarlet is the founder and owner of BluePunk Tattoo. She is best known for her award winning watercolour and graphic tattoos. She loves working on big colour and graphic pieces and subjects she never get bored of tattooing include animals (especially birds!), gaming, geeky stuff and music.​

She is originally from Manchester, UK and started her tattoo career with an apprenticeship at the awesome Ancoats-based studio Secret Society Tattoo. When she moved to Finland she worked at Silk Ink and Dead Sailor Tattoo before opening her own studio in August 2022. Her educational background is in fine art and she's an internationally selling visual artist.

Good to know:

  • Nerd, vegan and queer friendly tattoo artist

  • Experienced with scars and stretch marked skin

  • Clients with HIV are welcome

  • Helpful with first-timers 

  • Will probably make you listen to Blink 182

Amanda black and grey tattoos
amanda tattoo artist

Amanda has come back from the army after a six month break and is excited to start tattooing again!

Before the army she had been tattooing for two years and is eager to get back to creating beautiful designs and seeing clients again. 


She makes tattoos in various styles but mainly focuses on black and grey. She likes doing almost everything and anything from feminine fine-line works, to dark black-work.

Her most favourite styles and subjects contain black-work, skulls, heavy black swirls and dark lettering (which she would love to do more of), mythical creatures/mythology (including fairies, mermaids, dragons, Norse mythology etc... anything you can imagine really!

Good to know:

  • Is lowkey into Star Wars and sort of a nerd about it

  • Is very much into metal music, but open to almost any other genres

  • -People who feel like outsiders (metalheads, introverts etc.) tend to feel comfortable with her and are as welcome as anybody else <3

alina tattooer
alina tattoo apprentice

Alina is the apprentice of the studio! She started her apprenticeship in May 2023. Her art style is detailed and illustrative and she's very excited to build up the skills to transform that into tattooing as well. She loves playing with bright colours, but also enjoys working with just black ink.


Her main sources of inspiration are things like fantasy movies, books and series, music of all kinds, plants and their symbolism, and nerdy things in general. She's always excited to learn about new things and loves talking with people about their interests, even if she have little to no previous knowledge about them.  Alina has been making art all her life, and graduated from Helsingin Kuvataidelukio (Helsinki’s visual arts high school) in spring 2020. She studied art history in the university of Jyväskylä for a while before moving to Helsinki and starting her journey to become a tattoo artist. She's fluent (or close to it) in Finnish and English and try my best in Swedish.

Good to know:

  • As of 2024, Alina has started to book small, simple tattoos

  • Makes a mean cup of tea

  • Has endless photos of cats

beany tattooist
secret society tattoo

Dates available: 08.2024

Beany is an award winning black and grey realism artist who started tattooing in 2008 before opening her own studio, Secret Society Tattoo, in 2013. She draws, paints and tattoos from her studio in Manchester, UK. Her style of work is mainly black and grey realism and she is open to collaborations with clients who want custom designs. She can work in a variety of styles and loves subjects such as nature, graffiti and portraits.​

To book an appointment with Beany for either the dates above or one of the conventions, please use our contact form or contact her directly.

Good to know:

  • Beany often works internationally at tattoo conventions and will be appearing at both Helsinki Tattoo Convention and the Jyväskylä Tattoo and Art show in 2024 along with Scarlet.

  • She can be easily bribed with cake

Guest Artists
guest artist tattoo
rela noita
kaja massage therapist
rela noita massage

Holistic Massage Therapist, studio witch and creator of Rela Noita, where modern professional expertise meets the ancient art of rejuvenation. Kaja provides on-site massage and other services which will leave you feeling at your best!

She believes in a relaxation-first approach: no matter what the issue, we do better work when the body is at ease. Step into a haven of care where each session is meticulously crafted to enhance your overall health and restore balance to both body and mind.

Kaja does everything from Swedish and deep-tissue massage to hot stones and eye-masks, you'll leave the studio restored and rejuvenated. 


Good to know:

  • Extra support for LGBTQ+ and BIWOC communities.

  • Also offers services to help you manage tattoo pain during your appointment

  • Science-based with respect for traditional techniques: no bullshit, reality is magic enough

Rela Noita
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