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cover up tattoos

Us humans seem to look at our bodies and constantly see things we wish we could change. Luckily, with things like old tattoos, stretch-marks and scars, these can nearly always be completely covered with some beautiful new ink!

Are you one of the many people who got a crappy tattoo from your drunken friend who bought a tattoo machine from eBay and wanted to practice? So many of us got tattoos when we were 18 that are either faded, of something we don’t like any more (we're looking at you, tribal), badly done or just plain embarrassing.

Old tattoos can be covered completely with something new or refreshed with colour so they look good again! Our studio owner, Scarlet, has some examples...

tribal tattoo cover up

An example of a tribal cover-up. Before was an older tattoo which had faded but was still quite black, it was also a pretty awkward shape! The client wanted something viking themed so I designed this long boat with ravens. Sometimes cover-ups like this may take more than one session, or if the original tattoo is very black, you may want to think about some laser removal sessions first.

Self-harm scars: they are nothing to be ashamed of and are a sign you were strong enough to get through a difficult time if your life. However, if you would feel better not having to see them on your body anymore, did you know some tattooists will be able to cover them for you? It’s important you choose someone who has tattooed this kind of thing before, so take your time to ask questions and do your research. I’ve been there before myself, so I understand it can be a sensitive subject.


No awkward questions, no unwanted attention, just a nice discreet tattooing service which ends with you saying goodbye to marks you’re not happy with. 

tattoo recolour revamp touch up

If you’d like a free consultation to talk about ideas for covering any old tattoos, scars or stretch marks, feel free to send me a message. Remember, just because one tattoo artist has refused or said something negative to you, doesn’t mean we all will.


I promise to treat you with the respect and confidentiality that you deserve. 

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