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Our ethos:

1) Create beautiful, custom tattoos

2) Make sure everyone who visits has a great experience and feels completely comfortable being themselves

3) Provide a tattooing environment which is LGBTQ+ friendly, accessible, pro-feminist, vegan-friendly and anti-fascist 

We believe tattoos are for everyone and anyone is welcome to chat with us about their dream tattoo and any worries they have about getting it. First tattoo? Stretch marks? Scars? Horrible tattoo you got when you were 18 which you want to cover up? Worried about the pain? Not sure your idea is possible? No problem! Send us a message and let's talk; there are no stupid questions :)

All of our tattoos are completely custom pieces, which we draw individually and by hand based on your specifications. This way, you walk away with a personal tattoo that's totally unique to you - the way it should be.

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​Our new studio was opened in August  2022 and is situated on Siltasaari in Finland's capital city, Helsinki. With a beautiful sea view, we are located super close to the city centre and near great transport links.

The studio is clean, bright and comfortable. We have underfloor heating, comfy seating, a customer fridge for you to get chilled drinks and snacks from and a great choice of tattoo aftercare.


We try to be as environmentally aware as possible - the studio's electricity is produced from 100% hydropower, our disposable tattoo equipment is biodegradable whenever possible, the furniture is recycled, and even our artwork is produced by a company who plant a tree for every item. Our inks and aftercare are all vegan and cruelty free.


 Check out the gallery below for a closer look!

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