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My name is Vladislav, also known as Mr.Love.

I'm a self-taught tattoo artist and have been at BluePunk Tattoo studio since October 2022. I'm quite a versatile artist and I like to work with both colour and black and grey.

I mostly do Neo-traditional, realism and darkish-style tattoos, but I like to experiment with other styles, mix things up and test my limits.


Despite my Russian origin, I've lived in Finland for basically my whole life, so I speak Finnish like it's my native language. I also speak Russian and English. I like to think myself as a fun, easy-going and open-minded dude. I'm into nerdy stuff like video games, anime, fantasy, sci-fi etc., so I'm more than happy to make designs on those topics!

Good to know:

  • I speak Finnish, Russian and English

  • I don't like to do geometrical, mandala and lettering tattoos (with a few exceptions, of course!)

  • Big nerd

  • Skilled at drawing penises on the studio notice board 


  • Tattoo Artist since 2020

  • Media-alan ja Kuvallisen Ilmaisun Perustutkinto


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