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Jyväskylä Tattoo, Rock and Art Festival

Jyväskylä Convention was last weekend and we had a blast meeting new friends, tattooing cool stuff and seeing some old faces too!

Ian from Simply Tattoo runs the whole gig and him and his team did a great job as always. Beany and Scarlet have been doing this convention since 2018 and it was great to be back - this time with Alina to help. Our lovely clients kept us entertained all weekend (with Limp Bizkit impressions too!). We worked hard on some bigger pieces to enter the competitions and Scarlet won third best Graphic, which meant we had a good excuse to celebrate at the afterparty :D

Thank you to everyone who came to chat to us, it's always such a friendly atmosphere here. Until next time... check out some of our photos below...


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